Baby Jolly Jumper Review – 2019

Baby Jolly Jumper with stand is the best exerciser for a baby who just started walking. The Jolly Jumper can help the baby improve balance and increase regularity while strengthening muscles. The baby will enjoy when they bounce up and down in the jolly jumper, also, you can see that they will have total freedom and easy movement. Along with the fun, the baby will develop rhythm, coordination, improving balance, and strengthen muscles.

The baby jolly jumper with stand features a transportable frame that is ideal for homes with no door frames. The jumper is easy-to-store as it folds flat. This model comes with a spring action feature is perfect for the active baby who likes to bounce a lot and have fun. It comes with a saddle seat that is designed to support the baby’s spine strongly, and it assures upright posture while the baby bounces and exercises.

The portable stand is not only easy to store but also easy to setup, it takes just a few minutes to set up the jumper and you don’t need any tools to fix the bouncer. The high-quality structure of the jumper offers strong support to the spine, develops rhythm, and improves balance.

The jolly jumper is considered as the early fitness jumper for babies as it allows the baby to have fun at the same time they get proper exercises also. You can use this jumper for the babies from three months of age to just started walking age. The saddle seat is designed keeping the baby’s spine in mind as it will not cause any harm to their spine but improves their posture.

It can hold the maximum 28lb weight. The 52-inches high frame stands come with a floor footprint of 43-inches x 50-inches.

Jolly Jumper features a Musical Play Mat and it offers three fun music modes when the baby touches the mat. Each part of the mat plays different tunes or sound and the baby will have a lot of fun and you can see the amazement in their eyes when the music is playing just by their touch. They like to bounce when the music is on, and their little feet dances to the tunes.

Jolly Jumper Super Stand: Super stand is a bit extra tall with a strong frame and it is perfect for the babies who are very active and love to jump higher. It is also easy to store as it folds flat and you can use outdoors or indoors.


  • Folds flat for quick storage
  • Strengthens Muscles and Develops Coordination
  • Develop rhythm and improves balance


  • It does not need clamps or doorways as it stands on its own
  • Extra bouncing option
  • Support spine as it comes with saddle seat Strong structure
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable height


  • No toys, frill, or music toys
  • It is heavy to carry around
  • Taking the baby out from the seat can be a difficult task

Overall, it is one of the best baby jumpers available at a very affordable price. Babies thoroughly enjoy jumping in this jumper. The strong structure makes it durable for a longer time.

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