The 3 Best Baby Flat Head Pillow in 2019 Reviews

The young born are delicate and therefore, they require special care and comfort. Especially, they are not able to balance the weight of their head. Therefore, they need support to hold up their head and balance it. The baby flat head pillows provide the required support to the head of the baby and balance the weight of the baby evenly. It provides comfort to the baby and helps in relieving pressure.

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support4.7
Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Net Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome4.6
Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow4.5

Top 3 Best Baby Flat Head Pillows

1. Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support

The babies spend most of their time lying on their backs. They are not able to balance their small heads. Therefore, until the baby learns to manage and hold his head properly, he needs some kind of external support to hold his tiny head. The Boppy Noggin Head Support provides excellent support and comfort to the babies. The Boppy Head support elevates the head of the baby, which provides a comfortable position to the tiny tot. This, in turn, helps in relieving the pressure of the heavy head experienced by the little tot. The cutout design of the support cradles the tiny head of the baby with utmost care.

  • The patented design – The patented design of the noggin support, which consists of a cutout cradles and supports the head of the little fellow. The unique design helps the baby in relieving the pressure of the heavy head.
  • Use it anywhere and everywhere – The Boppy Noggin Head support can be used whenever the baby wishes some relaxation. It can be used in the stroller to support the baby while he is on his go. Also, it can be used in the bouncers and swings to provide comfort to the baby.
  • Machine washable
  • Easy installation

2. Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Net Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome

This handmade baby pillow is made with special care to provide unmatchable comfort to the head of the baby and to support its neck. The baby pillow for a newborn is made from one hundred percent organic cotton to provide safety and health to your delicate infant. The pillow consists of the touch of the pure cotton fabric, as the cotton of the fabric is not treated with any chemicals. The pillow is handcrafted with natural fiber, which remains untouched, by any fertilizers or pesticides. Moreover, the product guarantees the protection of the infants from flat head syndrome.

  • Made using organic cotton – The cotton used for making the pillow is pure. The cotton is not treated with chemicals, toxic pesticides, or fertilizers. The cotton fabric is grown using classical farming practices.
  • The breathable pillow – The 3D-air net pillow remains cool during the summer and warm in winter due to its breathability. The use of 3D cool air net fabric at the back provides ventilation. The hygiene creation of the pillow prevents the growth of microbes.
  • Protection from the flat head syndrome – The baby pillow for a newborn has concave depression at its center, which prevents the baby from developing a flat head.

3. Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow

The organic cotton protective pillow is a child’s best friend. The pillow is very smooth and environment-friendly. The super-smooth pillow is made of pure cotton, which is not adulterated with any kind of chemicals. An important feature of the pillow is the filling of hypoallergenic polyester, which makes it suitable and friendly to the sensitive and delicate skin of the children. Moreover, the comfortable design of the pillow supports the head of the baby and eliminates the risk of the flat head syndrome. The pillow is coated with organic cotton on both sides. This makes the pillow functional from both sides.

  • Made from healthy fiber – The smooth pillow is made using pure cotton. The cotton of the pillow remains untouched from synthetic dyes, beaches, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxic substances. Also, the filling of the hypoallergenic polyester suits the sensitive skin of the infant.
  • The comfortable design – The comfortable and functional design of the pillow supports the head of the baby and prevents flat-head syndrome.


The parents can choose the best pillow for their babies according to the features of the pillows, which delight them the most. Above all, the level of comfort provided by the pillow should be the major criterion for deciding the pillow. Moreover, a pillow should relieve the pressure on the head and help the baby to balance his head.

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