The 3 Best Baby Proof Cabinets without Drilling in 2019 Reviews

Parents always worry about their baby safety once they see them start crawling. Do you know how you can keep your baby out of reach drawers and cabinets from harmful substances? You might have your first baby trying to anticipate his or her next move. If it is yes, then you need to think ahead and troubleshoot all the possible dangers. This is what gives this article its title ”3 Best Baby Proof Cabinets without Drilling Reviews”. Nothing could be best and reliable than to invest in drawer and cabinet locks. They not only gives enjoy but also relax the parent because the child won’t be able to reach the cabinet or drawer. What one must look for?

PictureProduct NameExpert Rating
Invisible Magnetic No Drill Safety Lock4.7
BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks4.6
Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System4.7

You need to look given below features in the lock-

  • Magnetic locks – if you wish to have great perks, then magnetic locks are the best. It is easy to use and the baby will never be able to open it up. It doesn’t have any drawbacks but requires hardware installation on drawer and cabinets.
  • Adhesive mount locks – the adhesive mount lock doesn’t violate apartment furniture. They are easily installed and are fairly inexpensive. They get stick nicely no matter which brand it belongs.
  • Spring release locks – one of the best and ideal kid safety lock is incorporated with spring release locks. It directly goes inside cabinets or drawers. You need to nudge it so as to open as well as slide your figure on the top.

For the first time, we are presenting top 3 best baby proof cabinets with no drilling. All the three safety locks keep your kid out of reach of dangerous things when they get mobile.

Top 3 Best Baby Proof Cabinets without Drilling

1. Invisible Magnetic No Drill Safety Lock

  • It protects your children – the kids are not able to get into dangerous things such as things inside cabinets or drawers by guaranteed safety equipment.
  • Easy installation – it is available with easy installation template, you can install it with no constant tries. There is no need of screw and drill that implies there would be no damage to your luxurious furniture.
  • Invisible from outside – with no screws or holes, the adhesive tape works awesomely. The locks get installed inside drawer or cabinets completely from outside that guarantees to keep off furniture originality.

2. BabyKeeps Child Safety Locks

  • Multi-purpose – it is available in adjustable length that is flexible and it works well on both around corners and flat surfaces. It is offered in industrial adhesive stays that leaves no damage on furniture and is easy.
  • Matching strap – it is available in slim and stylish design along with colors that match cabinet or drawer lock. It will blend easily with appliances, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Easy tool installation – the adults can easily open up the drawer using a single hand. It is extremely safe to keep the pet away from your cabinets or drawers.
  • Extended warranty – the product includes no hidden cost. The user can buy the product confidently and with no damage to furniture and along replacement warranty.

3. Safety 1st Adhesive Magnetic Child Safety Lock System

  • The safety 1st child safety lock system is proven and stronger toddler-tested system that gets installed behind cabinets or drawers and is invisible. The unlocking can take place with magnetic keys so that it is out of reach of children.
  • With a push of a button, it disengages kid safety lock and automatically switches off when not in use. You can even disengage it for periods
  • A confirmation lock is engaged through secureTech locking indicator when can be activated easily.
  • The installation of the magnetic lock is easy and quick, however, in most cases, it is not required. It includes materials like particle board that may be screwed.
  • The owner can ensure that installation is perfect and on time through the plastic template.
  • The entire set contains 8 magnetic child keys and locks
  • It is the no.1 parenting safety tool that would give off joyful moments with ultimate child experience.


When you think of safety locks, for babyproofing, you get to find something that suits your budget and works well. Every mom wants something that makes their daunting task easier. The entire three baby proofing available in this article are easy to install and with guarantee letter. Online stores are considered the best when it comes to get a guaranteed product at best prices. You can check the price and order for getting amazing quality of product.

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