Evenflo ExerSaucer Baby Jumper Review – 2019

Evenflo ExerSaucer is one of the best baby jumpers available in the market. This jump and learn ExerSaucer offer a stable and safe environment for a baby so that parents can relax and they don’t need to worry about their baby’s safety. The jumper also includes large and appropriate toys with the combination of CDI (Child Development Institute) that can help the baby to learn things quickly. The baby can also get a lot of exercises to strengthen their muscles and improve their motor skills.

Height Adjustment: Evenflo ExerSaucer contains three height adjustable positions so as your child grows you can adjust the height of the jumper.

Bounce base comes with a soft and smooth landing pad that gives the baby comfortable landing that encourages stability in your baby’s early development. The jumper comes with a bouncing base contains a soft landing pad for a baby that supports stability. The TWMT (Take With me Toys) is the best choice for quick and easy learning and play exercises.

Machine-Washable: The Evenflo baby jumper is easy to remove and wash it in a machine; the Evenflo can make the baby happy by bringing toys nearer to the baby. Also, it has engaging sounds and lights. The seat pad is easy to remove and machine-washable. The baby jumper contains more than 17 activities that can help baby get or achieve the vital developmental target.

The ExerSaucer Jump &Learn is the best option for little ones as it helps them learn new things and play at the same time. The jumper offers stable and safe features so that the parents can use the jumper for their babies. It includes a large range of proper toys, including spinning toys, jump actions toys, and strengthens their muscles and motor skill with exercises. The exclusive balance-base can support to build coordination and core strength. The Evenflo is one of the reputed manufactures and it has been producing high-quality products for children and babies. The company is still serving the products because of the trust they developed with their customers. The company has been providing the best choice of products to new babies and mothers.

The soft landing pad feature in the jumper supports stability and provides proper exercises to the legs and the babies can enjoy playing with their favorite toys while jumping.

  • 100 percent polyester
  • Provides baby with play secure play environment and learn things quickly
  • Bounce base offers a soft landing pad for a baby that supports intransigence in early development.
  • Offers fifty-eight fun learning activities to help babies to learn things easily


  • Easy assembly, comes with 5-height adjustable function.
  • Easy to clean
  • Funny sounds
  • Swivel set feature


  • Comparatively small toy center
  • Not many music sound options
  • Some users complained about broken springs
  • Not portable like other jumpers

Overall, Evenflo ExerSaucer is one of the best and affordable Jumpers found in the market. The jumpers offer the best physical exercise that babies can practice so that they can play as well as learn physical exercises, which can support baby’s back, neck, and leg muscles and enhance gross motor skills and helps babies grow motor skill and the with these toys the baby can learn to identify things, colors, etc, easily.

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