Fisher-Price Baby Jumperoo Review – 2019

Fisher-Price is a very popular brand that has been offering various baby products and Baby Jumperoo is one of them. It is a very useful and new product that has a unique design with a rotating seat where the seat rotates 360-degrees so that baby can move around easily and play from any side. The Jumperoo comes with fun toys and seat and the toys are placed at five places on the platform so that the baby can keep themselves busy. The electronic toy is placed on the front with music, lights, and motion that gets activated when the baby tries to spin a drum.

The seat also contains a monkey hanging on a vine and a bobbling elephant, a clear rotating bead ball, a parrot one a bead bar and a tiger that wants to play hide and seek with the baby, and chips that are stacked with cute graphics. All these extra toys on the Jumperoo keeps the baby happy and engaged, they can learn and explores new things. The Fisher-Price Baby Jumperoo contains three adjustable heights more for the longer use. The frame revolves around a nested position so that you can close it away when you are not using it anymore. The motion sensor feature in Jumperoo makes it useful and encourages kids with its sounds and lights when they jump. The capacity that the Jumperoo can hold is up to 25pounds. It requires three AA-batteries.

The new version of Jumperoo has got the clear and clever design, which makes the product more accessible to all, even for people who have less storage place. However, the older version Jumperoo was very strong and motionless toy, and the fact is that it can fold by itself. Once the base is folded, then you can place the seat on the sideways. The newer version of Jumperoo made it easy with all these additional and user-friendly features.

The new Jumperoo is a bit bigger than the older model, but it is easy to fold. The entire unit looks beautiful with bright colors and it contains green platform where all the toys are placed and the seat has a bright orange color that can be removed easily and you can wash but the colors do not fade at all even after several washes.


  • Color: Multi
  • A unisex design that comes with airy mesh on all sides of swing for clear visibility and ventilation
  • Good for babies as it comes with several interacting toys.


  • The best product that keeps the baby engaged in any activity
  • It is easy-to-setup
  • Lightweight material and a strong design
  • 360-degree rotatable chair
  • Bright colored toys to keep the baby engaged
  • It comes with an electronic that plays music when the baby moves


  • Takes time to pop the seat up
  • Sometimes the seat is not easy to rotate

Overall, Jumperoo is one of the useful products and several parents bought this product as it is available at a very affordable price. A rotatable chair allows the baby move around in all directions. It is one of the best products for your baby as it offers the perfect bouncing, adjustable height and available in a lightweight material.

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